Bec & Jamie

I feel I owe so much to Bec and Jamie for having the faith in me to photograph their special day.  You see, they were the first ever couple to book me for their wedding without me having a wedding portfolio to show them.  I met them last year and photographed their Soulmate Session in and around True South, Black Rock.  I was so nervous meeting them, worried they would like me, hoping they’d like my photography and would want to book me.  They did!  And their wedding was a beautiful day set in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens with their reception at True South.

Besides the bride and groom, I loved the rest of the bridal party too.  The boys were so much fun, hamming it up for the camera.  And the girls were so friendly and just as much fun with their shots.

One of the highlights of the day had nothing to do with photos – during the speeches, Jamie announced they were expecting their first child later this year.  The whole room erupted in cheers.  Oh, and the bridal waltz.  I captured the tear falling on Bec’s cheek as she clung to her new husband.  Such a moving moment.  There were a few teary eyes around the dance floor.

As an example of the kind and beautiful couple they are, I was so touched when Jamie took the time to come over to me and ask me how I was doing.  I thought this was such a sweet thing to do because he had so many friends and family to mingle with, he went out of his way to make sure I was happy and enjoying myself.  Which I was!  I met so many great people, I couldn’t help but enjoy myself.

I want you to take special note of the floral bouquets and flowers at the reception.  The creator of these gorgeous pieces was my first bride ever, Chau.  Chau is one of the most creative people I have ever met.  And she’s an awesome photographer too 🙂  She told me about her love of making wedding bouquets and wanted me to pass on her details to brides I knew that might be interested.  She loves being involved in the joy of a wedding, so I put her in touch with Bec and the results are exceptional.  I get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I think of these two strangers being linked to each other through my photography.  I love it!!  Each of the bridesmaids had a different type of yellow flower in their bouquets.

Thank you Bec and Jamie for the wonderful experience and sharing your day with me.  I can’t wait to meet your little DC and photograph him or her as they grow up.

Love to you both xxx


Felix & Paulette’s Wedding

January is a hot month for weddings.  Both in terms of popularity and temperature.  And Saturday 28 January 2012 was HOT!  Felix and Paulette are from Chile and have only been in Australia a short time.  So their wedding at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens was going to be a special one.  They were joined by family who flew from Chile to celebrate their marriage by the lake.  As there were friends and family from Chile and other far off places that could not be in Melbourne on the day, the entire ceremony was skyped on a laptop.

The day was full of surprises for the couple.  Paulette organised a surprise guest for her future husband – Sergio from Cleveland, Ohio.  He  flew into Melbourne that morning and arrived at the wedding during the couple’s signing of the documents.  The look on Felix’s face was priceless when he spotted Sergio.  Luckily he arrived in time for the bridal party photos.  And Felix arranged for his elderly Grandmother, who flew in from Chile, to pass to him a small bouquet of flowers to give to Paulette during the ceremony.  It was a beautiful ceremony witnessed by very close family and friends.  I was especially happy to spend some time with Bang and Chau who’s wedding I photographed earlier this month.  Chau actually made the bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaid, Mandy.

Paulette prepared for her big day at the Mint Rhapsody in St Kilda Road with her Mum and Mandy.  A beautiful place for pictures.  It was fun and relaxed, even though Paulette and Mandy both said they were shaking with nerves.

The couple organised picnic baskets decorated in the purples of the wedding.  They were  full of yummy food for the guests to eat after the wedding ceremony.   Felix and his Mum made the cupcakes iced with purple.

Felix’s sister was brilliant.  She had her own camera, but every time she saw me pointing my lens towards her she broke into a pose.  She’s a gorgeous girl and such a joy to be around.  Actually, that goes for the entire group at that wedding.

The entire day was really enjoyable and I had a ball.  I hope everyone who traveled to Melbourne to share this day with Felix and Paulette get a chance to see some sites around Melbourne and that Paulette and Felix get to spend some quality time with their family of travelers.

Thank you to you both for inviting me to be a part of this special day.

The Wedding of Bang and Chau

What an amazing day!!  I still cannot believe I have photographed a wedding.  And to be able to photograph this gorgeous, loving couple was an absolute dream.  How could I take ordinary photographs of them when they look so good.  Not to mention the rest of the bridal party.  This is simply a day to remember and I am so happy that I could be part of it.

It was a scorcher.  I think it got up to about 38 degrees in the shade and when I discovered it was going to be a garden wedding at Willow Creek Vineyard, I gulped once.  I regained my composure and thought, well, at least the lighting will be good.  The only major consideration I had was the amount of sweat beads that might be highlighted on the faces of my beautiful subjects.  And I was ever so conscious of my own sweat levels.  (Note to self – carry a spare can of deodorant in the car next time.)   It was unbelievably HOT!!

The couple had booked a holiday house in Mount Martha for the family and bridal party to prepare for the wedding.  I was thankful it had aircon.  As this was my first wedding (ever!!), I was incredibly nervous and excited.  But the family made me feel completely comfortable right away, so it was a breeze doing the preparation shots of Bang, Chau, the two flowergirls and the gorgeous bridesmaids, in between taking swigs of water.  I asked Chau how she was doing and she said she was a bit tired from setting up the venue from early in the morning.

Then came the ceremony.  Bang had offered for me to follow him to the venue earlier, but I declined his offer so I could get more shots of the bride getting ready with her bridesmaids.  When it came to driving from Mt Martha to Merricks North, I got lost.  I had the Melways out, the GPS map thingy on my phone, and my own (limited) knowledge of the area.  And I was getting low on petrol.  After pulling the car over twice to check the map, driving up and down the freeway, and realizing the roadworks had changed the location of the road I wanted, I made it to the vineyard well before the bride.  I was thanking my lucky stars that the girls took their time getting ready.  I took a few deep breaths and got my gear out and started taking photos.  Despite the heat, everyone was in a fun mood and I began to relax and really enjoy myself.  And it was obvious why Chau was tired.  She had done a beautiful job with the already breathtaking venue.  The details throughout the inside of the cottage and out were so amazingly done.  She is one creative girl.

The ceremony was beautiful and very emotional.  It was full of love and friendship and I got a little lump in my throat during the exchanging of the vows.

The Willow Creek Vineyard gardens were beautiful and the food was so nice.  I really appreciated the meal, thank you.

I think I have prattled on for long enough.  I hope you enjoy the photos and feel the love.

Chau was hard at work to put this display of their love together. The detail was incredible.

The stunning bridesmaids and adorable flowergirls.

The bottom image shows the table set up for "The Backstage Team" where the thankyou bags were put together to give to the guests as they were leaving.

Bang sang two songs to his new wife. And their friend sang a beautiful Spanish song to the couple.

Another couple of examples of Chau's creativity. The top image is of old photos of the couple displayed in a vintage suitcase on a table. The bottom image shows what all the guests received as a thankyou. Everyone was photographed by her sister on one of those Polaroid instamatic type cameras and everyone got a little bag containing the photos and these trinkets. And yes, that's me in the pics.

My heartfelt thanks to Chau and Bang for your faith in my ability to record your wedding.  I loved every minute of it and wish you all the best in your new life together as husband and wife.  You have truly changed my life and I am forever grateful to you both.  This is an event I will never forget.

Soulmates Session – Bang & Chau

The definition of soulmate is “a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility” (I googled soulmate and found this in wikipedia – where else would you find important information in 2011???)  So I decided to call my engagement sessions “Soulmates Sessions”, as it aptly describes the couples who come to me for their engagement/pre-wedding photos.

And my latest couple fit right into this category.  Bang and Chau are tying the knot in January and I am so excited to share these pictures with you.  They had me laughing my pants off photographing them.  They even brought their own props; a bouquet similar to the one Chau will have on her wedding day and an old camera.  Chau was dressed in a beautiful lace dress.  A lady who was sitting outside the church watching us commented that this was a lovely quiet wedding.  Yes, she actually thought Bang and Chau were getting married there and then.  Then Chau changed into a more casual frock and we continued on around the beautiful leafy streets of Malvern East.  Just perfect. 

Bang and Chau – thank you for inviting me to share your soulmateness.  I hope your parents enjoy these too, all the way from Vietnam.


Soulmates Sessions – Jamie and Bec

On Saturday (Grand Final Day) I had the pleasure of meeting Bec and Jamie.  We decided we would much rather take pictures than watch the big game.  Our teams weren’t playing.  We met at True South, Black Rock, the venue for their wedding in March next year.  It was so cold, and being right on the water, the chill factor was…… well, freezing!.  Bec braved the cold in a beautiful strappy frock for the first part.  It was actually raining while we took the shots on the True South balcony. 

After some fun pictures in their “formal” gear they both changed into their casual clothes.  This time Jamie was literally chilling in a short sleeved shirt.  We crossed the road to the beach and got some great shots by the water.  There was a childrens’ playground we just had to play in too. 

 A big thank you to Tanya Harrowell, the lovely Function Manager of True South.  Despite trying to set up the function room for the Grand Final crowd she let us pretty much take pictures all over the restaurant. 

Bec and Jamie – you are truly beautiful people.  I am so honoured to share your love.  Now I cannot wait for the wedding!!!