The Beautiful Miss B

I love glamour.  Totally love it.  I just had my father-in-law drop some yoghurt off here for the kids and he asked where I was going.  I looked “dolled up”.  Well, even if I am working on my photos I still feel the need to get glammed up.  I practice different makeup and hair techniques so I can advise my clients and even do their makeup for them before a glamour photography session.  And you simply cannot be a bona fide glamour photographer without looking a little bit glam yourself.

What I love about photography is meeting new people and it still surprises me that some of my clients have become close friends.  Miss B is one of those clients.  This glamour session was so much fun.  And totally glam.  Oh, and makeup credit goes directly to Miss B.

Thank you for being so fun Miss B.  And I cannot wait to photograph your little baby.

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Soulmates Session – Bang & Chau

The definition of soulmate is “a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility” (I googled soulmate and found this in wikipedia – where else would you find important information in 2011???)  So I decided to call my engagement sessions “Soulmates Sessions”, as it aptly describes the couples who come to me for their engagement/pre-wedding photos.

And my latest couple fit right into this category.  Bang and Chau are tying the knot in January and I am so excited to share these pictures with you.  They had me laughing my pants off photographing them.  They even brought their own props; a bouquet similar to the one Chau will have on her wedding day and an old camera.  Chau was dressed in a beautiful lace dress.  A lady who was sitting outside the church watching us commented that this was a lovely quiet wedding.  Yes, she actually thought Bang and Chau were getting married there and then.  Then Chau changed into a more casual frock and we continued on around the beautiful leafy streets of Malvern East.  Just perfect. 

Bang and Chau – thank you for inviting me to share your soulmateness.  I hope your parents enjoy these too, all the way from Vietnam.


All Creatures Great and Small

The journey from home to Upper Beaconsfield is just beautiful.  I loved the amazing horse properties, the gardens and very little traffic.  I was on my way to meet Bella and Heidi for their photo session.  I had photographed Heidi before at a horse show, but this was a session at home with her sister.  After a quick chat and a coffee with Mum we got down to it.  I brought along some toys to play with including a squeaky ball and the cutest pig that grunts.

I had so much fun watching these two playing with their toys.  The little pink pig did make a piggy grunting sound until Heidi’s great jaws chewed the life out of it. 

Bella is the boss lady.  She’s an absolute darling.  Heidi is the pup. 

We did manage to get them to sit together - with some bribery.

Love, love, love dog's eyes.

The Boss - Bella

Thank you Bernie, for the chat and the play.


This is BJ.  He is the new addition to the household and believe me – he keeps his Mum on her toes.  I first met him on Mother’s day and I saw a photo opportunity as soon as I saw him.  I do have a weakness for puppies.  They are the most wonderful creatures that were put on this earth.  So I had to put the plan to photograph him into action.  I contacted his Mum later that week and arranged to meet at their house.
On the day of the session it was raining and so dull and gloomy.  But I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to practice my indoor lighting set up, which consists of an off camera flash and an Orbis Ring Flash adapter.  It is brilliant!! 
Despite some initial hesitation and shyness, he soon came out from behind the chair and was rolling around, like a puppy, and thoroughly enjoying the attention (and the treats).  But being a puppy, he soon tired and that’s where the last few pictures came from.  They are my personal favourites.
I apologise if anyone is offended by the sight of a naked dog’s bum, but you have to admit – they are so incredibly cute!

At first BJ was so shy. His Mummy was coaxing him out from behind the chair with treats.

I have to admit, I love the cuteness of a dog’s bott – bott.

Uber Cute
Love the attention from such a young ‘n.