The Beautiful Miss B

I love glamour.  Totally love it.  I just had my father-in-law drop some yoghurt off here for the kids and he asked where I was going.  I looked “dolled up”.  Well, even if I am working on my photos I still feel the need to get glammed up.  I practice different makeup and hair techniques so I can advise my clients and even do their makeup for them before a glamour photography session.  And you simply cannot be a bona fide glamour photographer without looking a little bit glam yourself.

What I love about photography is meeting new people and it still surprises me that some of my clients have become close friends.  Miss B is one of those clients.  This glamour session was so much fun.  And totally glam.  Oh, and makeup credit goes directly to Miss B.

Thank you for being so fun Miss B.  And I cannot wait to photograph your little baby.

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