Dreams of Being a Cinematographer

I have always loved movies.  I think the first one I ever saw at the cinemas was either Star Wars or Every Which Way But Loose (I still consider Clint a bit of a honey!).  One of the things I love about my 7D is the movie mode.  to be able to flip over and turn my stills camera into a HD video camera is just awesome.  When I was about 7 or 8 an older cousin of mine (Chris) had a huge film camera.  We planned to make the next blockbuster, Academy Award winning masterpiece, complete with special effects.  Obviously we didn’t, but the feeling and excitement of making a movie has never left me.  Now, when I watch a movie, I look for how they light the scenes, the colours, contrast and transitions they use.  Undaunted by the steep learning curve involved in capturing the video, editing and publishing a watchable movie, I do admit I still have a little dream of creating a few mini masterpieces as personal projects.  I will publish them to the net as I make them.  I don’t imagine I will be making many due to the time factor, but you never know.  Here is the one I made of the kids on their bikes entitled “I Wanna Ride”.  See it here.


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