Felix & Paulette’s Wedding

January is a hot month for weddings.  Both in terms of popularity and temperature.  And Saturday 28 January 2012 was HOT!  Felix and Paulette are from Chile and have only been in Australia a short time.  So their wedding at the Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens was going to be a special one.  They were joined by family who flew from Chile to celebrate their marriage by the lake.  As there were friends and family from Chile and other far off places that could not be in Melbourne on the day, the entire ceremony was skyped on a laptop.

The day was full of surprises for the couple.  Paulette organised a surprise guest for her future husband – Sergio from Cleveland, Ohio.  He  flew into Melbourne that morning and arrived at the wedding during the couple’s signing of the documents.  The look on Felix’s face was priceless when he spotted Sergio.  Luckily he arrived in time for the bridal party photos.  And Felix arranged for his elderly Grandmother, who flew in from Chile, to pass to him a small bouquet of flowers to give to Paulette during the ceremony.  It was a beautiful ceremony witnessed by very close family and friends.  I was especially happy to spend some time with Bang and Chau who’s wedding I photographed earlier this month.  Chau actually made the bouquets for the bride and her bridesmaid, Mandy.

Paulette prepared for her big day at the Mint Rhapsody in St Kilda Road with her Mum and Mandy.  A beautiful place for pictures.  It was fun and relaxed, even though Paulette and Mandy both said they were shaking with nerves.

The couple organised picnic baskets decorated in the purples of the wedding.  They were  full of yummy food for the guests to eat after the wedding ceremony.   Felix and his Mum made the cupcakes iced with purple.

Felix’s sister was brilliant.  She had her own camera, but every time she saw me pointing my lens towards her she broke into a pose.  She’s a gorgeous girl and such a joy to be around.  Actually, that goes for the entire group at that wedding.

The entire day was really enjoyable and I had a ball.  I hope everyone who traveled to Melbourne to share this day with Felix and Paulette get a chance to see some sites around Melbourne and that Paulette and Felix get to spend some quality time with their family of travelers.

Thank you to you both for inviting me to be a part of this special day.


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