Soulmate Session – Kylie & Brad

Brad and Kylie met me for the first time up in Mount Dandenong a couple of Sundays ago.  Brad asked me to pick a place close to my home as I will be hiking it north of Melbourne for their wedding in April.  We had in mind the wineries in the Yarra Yalley, but after Googling them, and stressing about a pretty location that could give us a variety of looks, I ended up asking my neighbor where we should go.  She suggested the Alfred Nicholas Memorial gardens in Sherbrooke.  Wow!!  If I had been there before I can’t remember it being so beautiful.  I knew this would be an amazing session.

And I was correct.  It didn’t take long for my models to start getting into the groove of being photographed.  Kylie was the more reserved, I thought, but with a bit of coaxing, the super model came out.  I know I feel extremely awkward and goofie being photographed and have no idea how to pose and get my “best angle”, but these two got the idea very quickly.

Despite the on again, off again showers (Melbourne weather, of course), we spent a couple of hours just enjoying the moment.  I am so excited to be part of their wedding plans.  Bring on April!!



This shot was taken about 10 minutes into the session. As you can see, they started to relax and I managed to get some really candid expressions.


Love this one of Kylie. The hair blowing over her face. Made me feel like a fashion photographer for a second.





Super model or what?!


I loved this place. Every angle had something gorgeous to photograph.


It even had a waterfall, for goodness sakes. Perfect.



After they changed their wardrobe (in the car) they cracked open the white.






On the long, uphill, calf-burning walk back to the carpark, I had to do some shots in front of this humongous tree.


See? It is a big tree.


Thank you guys for letting me be part of your wedding.  It’s penciled in!



One comment on “Soulmate Session – Kylie & Brad

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