Christening – Baby Ellie

I was so excited to be asked to do Ellie’s Christening.  Last Sunday, at St Gerards Catholic Church, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the most cherished babies on the planet.  Her parents, Lexie and David were so sweet.  And her two sets of Godparents were funny and made me feel like I was part of this multicultural family.  Yes – this little girl is so special, she has two Godfathers, two Godmothers and her Mum and Dad.

One of the things I loved, from a purely photographic point of view, was that Lexie asked that the Godmothers wore the cream/ivory coloured dresses.  Nice touch.  But you were all so beautiful to photograph, you could probably have gotten away with red and white striped long johns.  Now that would be interesting.

I had never done a Christening before, so this was completely new to me.  I made sure all my gear was clean (and dry – see last week’s post about soggy cameras and lenses), batteries were charged and my head filled with ideas for beautiful baby photography.  I was buzzing.  And it all went without a hitch.  Hope you enjoy the images just as much as I enjoyed making them.


Mum and Ellie waiting in the foyer for the main mass to finish. Then a quick change and it's all about Ellie.


Watching the world from Dad's shoulder.


It's my Christening and I can poke my tongue out if I want to.


Ellie in her gorgeous Christening gown with Dad.


Ellie's three main men. Dad, John and Tim.

Blessing with the salt.

I thought it was so moving to see these four adults totally captured by one little human.

The Priest made me chuckle a few times and was even directed me to a position for the best angle for my shots.

Mum and Dad. Proud.


Ellie recieving the water. No tears................


.............until the water actually touches her.


The priest placed the pure white cloth unceremoniously right over her head. John's reaction conveys the humour of the moment.


This is one special baby. I love the looks of pure adoration on the faces of her Godparents.


Ellie's Godmothers.


Another moment of pure delight. And she was sound asleep moments after the ceremony.


A soothing hug from Mum and Dad after the ceremony.


Ellie's new family.


Ellie's Grandparents. So much love.


Tell me this little girl is ever going to want for anything.




Gotta love this family.





Thank you so much to John for contacting me in the first place and Lexie and Dave to let me be a part of Ellie’s special day.  I hope she looks back on these pictures down the track and sees the absolute love that was showered on her.  She is a lucky girl to have so many wonderful people looking out for her.  God bless you dear Ellie.



5 comments on “Christening – Baby Ellie

  1. Thanks for the Article, its my first time visiting your page and must say it is very interesting hope to check back soon.

  2. Off to the Telstra 500 V8 supercars. Helping the RU OK? crew do some fundraising. It’s going to be a good day.

  3. John Karim says:

    WOW! ABSOLUTLEY AMAZING PICTURES! You were fantastic and fun to have on the day! Each photo you took captured the moment brilliantly and I loved the commentary on the photos too. Can’t wait to see you at more of our functions in the future!


    • John – What can I say. I had the perfect subjects to photograph. I had a ball and it was fantastic meeting you all. Thank you so much for what you have said. Almost enough to put a tear in this old girl’s eye 🙂 It would be a very good thing to see you guys again.

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