Scarlet Update

My Little Girl is Growing Up

  • Scarlet (the Seeing Eye Dog puppy I am sponsoring for SEDA) sent me another letter recently.

She is growing up and not looking much like a puppy anymore.  She sent me this new pic of her and, you have to admit, those eyes look very intelligent.  She met her caring family and loves them.  Her carers also have a SEDA breeding dog named India and another puppy named Izzy.  She is walking beautifully on the lead and she’s also learnt to walk past other dogs without being distracted –  an bonus for when she is leading her vision impaired person when she grows up.  She loves it when her Mum takes her to the local cafe to practice her training.  Her favourite thing is to run wild at the leash free beach, swimming and digging in the sand.  Verna, another SEDA pup, lives close by and they often play together.  She signed her letter and said “Big hugs and licks”.  So doggie 🙂


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