Soulmates Sessions – Jamie and Bec

On Saturday (Grand Final Day) I had the pleasure of meeting Bec and Jamie.  We decided we would much rather take pictures than watch the big game.  Our teams weren’t playing.  We met at True South, Black Rock, the venue for their wedding in March next year.  It was so cold, and being right on the water, the chill factor was…… well, freezing!.  Bec braved the cold in a beautiful strappy frock for the first part.  It was actually raining while we took the shots on the True South balcony. 

After some fun pictures in their “formal” gear they both changed into their casual clothes.  This time Jamie was literally chilling in a short sleeved shirt.  We crossed the road to the beach and got some great shots by the water.  There was a childrens’ playground we just had to play in too. 

 A big thank you to Tanya Harrowell, the lovely Function Manager of True South.  Despite trying to set up the function room for the Grand Final crowd she let us pretty much take pictures all over the restaurant. 

Bec and Jamie – you are truly beautiful people.  I am so honoured to share your love.  Now I cannot wait for the wedding!!!


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