Dogs Bring Neighbours Together

Our neighbours, Fabian and Clare, moved into their place about 2 years ago.  We waved to them, had a quick chat about storm damage after the massive hail storm in March last year and generally were just distantly friendly with them.  We didn’t know their names, they didn’t know ours.  We were quite content to keep to ourselves and wave when we were putting the bins out or checking the letter box.

That all changed when they brought Khloe home.  Khloe is a French Bulldog girl and one of the cutest pups.   They started walking her and the inevitable happened.  We met properly.  We exchanged names and news about our respective dogs.  What has happened since meeting Khloe is Clare and I have become friends.  Even Matt (my husband) who is a bit on the shy side, has enjoyed getting together with our “new” neighbours.

The friendship has stepped up a notch with us looking after Khloe for a week while Clare and Fabian are in Noosa. 

Khloe’s first night at our place was a challenge.  I love dogs more than any other animal and I had (past tense) prided myself on my abilities to bring up well behaved dogs.  Boy, did this little pup knock my confidence!!  I forgot what it was like to have a puppy around the place.  They run!!  They scratch doors, they poop and wee, they get into places they shouldn’t, they dig garden beds and they chew just about anything.  And this little critter has the most offensive farts you have ever smelt!!  And she snores – LOUDLY.   One of the funniest little dogs ever.

It only took her a night to settle and she has been an absolute angel since.  My confidence is restored.  Diesel is not just tolerating her, but playing with her.  And my 4 year old daughter has discovered that little dogs are fun to walk on the leash.

I know her mummy is missing her terribly and she will be missed by my family once her people come home.  What she doesn’t realise is that her dogginess has helped create a true friendship.   Thank you Khloe xx

Khloe feeling very snoozy after playing with Diesel and the kids


Love those wrinkles

Sofie enjoys attaching the leads and leading the dogs around. And tying them up. She pretends they are horses. The look on Diesel's face says it all. And that's Matt's temporary fence to keep dogs and kids off the new lawn.


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