End of An Era with New Beginnings

On Sunday 17 July I was part of something unusual.  Throughout the day the announcer was proclaiming that the entire WGQHA (West Gippsland Quarter Horse Association) committee was resigning and there were calls for nominations for every position.  This was the end of an era.  I wish the new committee well.

But, what was happening outside was a completely different story.  Youth.  And plenty of them.  Kids of a variety of ages were entering classes they had never entered before.  And they were giving it their all!!  It was great to see and absolutely fantastic to photograph.  I had the pleasure of meeting Jack Cooper,  AQHA Hall of Fame member, who is actively involved in the promotion of youth in these types of events.   I had ball meeting these kids and watching the experienced adults and the judge going out of their way to make these future champions feel more comfortable entering the show arena.  If the talent and enthusiasm among these kids is anything to go by, the champions of tomorrow are well and truly here.

All of the Youth competitors



Please respect Copyright © Nicole Martin Photography 2011 – If you wish to download these images for use on facebook, all I ask is that you credit the photography with Nicole Martin Photography.


One comment on “End of An Era with New Beginnings

  1. Daphne O'Meara says:

    Omigosh, Thats MY pony up there ❤ Oh how I love him 🙂

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